I am interested in being able to view the tables and entries in the windows.edb file that is used as a property store by the Windows Desktop Search application. Its essentially a Jet Database, however not Jet Red that Access can open but Jet Blue. The two JET implementations are completely different, are separately maintained, have a vastly different feature set, and are not interchangeable. Can anyone assist by pointing me in the direction of a database viewer that will open Jet Blue databases or tell me whether the latest version of Access can indeed open Jet Blue?

I have attempted to use the esentutl.exe to extract data and have managed to print the metadata with the esentutl /m switch.

Do you know whether there a way to either use esentutl to do what I want or is there an alternative method.

I have tried to File Dump a table using the ESENTUTL.exe /m <filename> /t option but just get a Usage Error Invalid Mode message.

Any assistance gratefully received.