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    Unanswered: Does Cursor size cause memory problems? (Oracle 10g)

    Hi guys,

    I am selecting some 20000 records in this way
    cursor v_cur_cases is
    select m.* from MCASE m
    where m.type in (2, 4);

    later on they are being processes, I calculate values, refer to child tables, get values from there, write them to some files in the computer.
    I always create these files at the end of the month, and included are all the CASE records from the beginning (2 years ago) to the current date. So the number of records will continuously increase.

    My question is, whether this continuous increase will ca<use any memory/or/processing issues problems in a few years.
    How is memory allocated to a CURSOR in ORACLE 10g?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't envisage any memory issues - unless you are fetching all the data into arrays to process them. Cursors by themselves do not use more and more memory to process many rows. But for sure, the more data you process the longer it will take. If this is a problem you could perhaps consider storing away the cumulative values so that each run only has to process any new data and add it to the existing cumulative data.

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    run benchmarks. why ask when you can duplicate the situation and
    benchmark it?

    also, in aq few years are you sure you will even have the same hardware
    that you do now?
    - The_Duck
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