Can this be done?

I have been spending the last two nights trying to get EOModeler to connect to SQL Server 2005. I am starting to loose hope, and my head hurts from banging it against the wall.

If anyone has done this I would love to hear thier configurations. Or if anyone has done something remotley close to this all help is welcome. Just pulling the information from the SQL server from Win SQL it reads.

Supported ODBC version 03.52
DBMD Name. Microsoft SQL Server
Database Name. master
Driver Name. SQLSRV32.DLL
Driver Version 06.00.600
Win SQL Plugin. MS SQL Server (C:/Program Files(x86).......blah blah blah)

When I try to connect from EOModeler I set Adaptor to JDBC
use my same user name/pw I usually use.
URL: jdbc:microsoft.sqlserver://<>:1443;DatabaseName=<master>

When I then go to generate SQL I get a JDBC connection failed for driver. I have used SQL Server v1.1 & 1.2 I cannot get this to work.

All help apperiated.

Thank You