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    Unanswered: 2 Tables; 1 Field

    I have 2 tables; table 1 (Clients from X country), table 2 (Clients from Y country.)

    I want to make a form named clients as a continuous form. the form itself will list all the clients from table 1 and table 2. its ok till here but this is my question: eg: lets say in the form i have only 2 fields named "Name" and "Surname". is it possible to fuse table 1 with table 2 in 1 field in the form so in the continuous form the clients from table 1 and table 2 will be listed under each other without making 2 fields in the form for each table?
    Country Y Name |
    Country X Surname | Name
    = Surname
    Country Y Name |
    Country X Surname |

    Hope i explained

    Cheers and thanks

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    my apologies, but teres no polite way of saying this... but thats an exampe of poor design
    y'd be better off, in my books, having a single table for clients, with an column in that table which identifies the country. I used to use the phone code, but pretty soon realised it didn't work in North America. So I'd suggest you consider somtehing else such as the ISO country code whether you use the 2 digit code or 3 digit code is immaterial in my books.

    Id suggest you define a tabel for countries, and use the priamry key of that table as the country code in you new unified client table. if you want to you could also define a continent code, wich may make it easier to dril down and find the country.
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    ▲ Agreed with that.
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    I second the motion.

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