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    Unanswered: Not pulling information

    Ok, so in the attached DB report (rptFullInfo), I'm having issue pulling the specific information from the main table.

    The IDs (primary keys from other tables) are pulling in fine, however, I need to make the corresponding FULL NAMES of these ID fields to show up in the report rather than just the actual PK IDs. It's not working on my subreport either.

    For instance, I'm pulling the OrgID into the report, but in the listbox, I need or want it to show the OrgNM in the listbox. I can't figure out what I did last time to get it to work. I know it's with like JOINs but can't figure out how to get the TypeID, ToDID, and OrgID to pull all the information in ONE single SELECT statement for the record source.

    **I'm trying to do this WITHOUT having to create another subform for the MAIN body of information.**

    I've already created a new subform, which is in the DB to pull all the single information which is entered, though I haven't attempted to get the SELECT statement for the record source for the subreport on that either.

    Any ideas on the first question ??


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    SELECT tblPoC.PoCID, tblPoC.FirstNM, tblPoC.MiddleNM, tblPoC.LastNM, tblPoC.OrgID, tblOrganization.OrgNM, tblPoC.Department, tblPoC.Dept_Loc, tblPoC.Office_Phone, tblPoC.Cell_Phone, tblPoC.Official_eMail, tblPoC.Unofficial_eMail, tblPoC.TypeID, tblPoCType.Type, tblPoC.Initial_Date, tblPoC.End_Date, tblPoC.ToDID, tblToD.ToD, tblPoC.Add_Info, tblPoC.FileNB
    FROM (tblPoCType RIGHT JOIN (tblOrganization RIGHT JOIN tblPoC ON tblOrganization.OrgID = tblPoC.OrgID) ON tblPoCType.TypeID = tblPoC.TypeID) LEFT JOIN tblToD ON tblPoC.ToDID = tblToD.ToDID;

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    Thanks Rogue, I'm going to give it a try!

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    Ok, so what Rogue gave me worked. Thanks again Rogue!

    I plugged it in and now am trying to get it to pull the Organization's NAME, City, and REAL STATE NAME into a listbox on the report like it does on the form, frmTWPoC rather than the ID number of the State. Since I did it like I did on the form, it's working somewhat but it's prompting me for an "OrgID" to put in when the report is opened.

    If you put in "2" for when prompted, it will pull the right organization but I am trying to make it NOT prompt the user and just pull it like it does on the main form (frmTWPoC).

    I'm guessing that I may have to hide the main form when the user prints / views the report.

    Is this manner in which I'm thinking, correct?

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