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    Arrow Unanswered: Compact Access DB (Borland C++ Builder)


    Okay, 8 days of searching and trying, this is the last chance... I'm using Borland C++ Builder 5 and I'm connecting to an Access DB (*.mdb) through ADOConnection. I want the db to be compacted each time I close the program because of the well known problem with increasing size. I think the best way for me to do it is described here: (check the C++ part)

    So I've imported the msjro.dll successfully, created an ActiveX object (JetEngine1) and used the function like this:
    IJetEnginePtr jet(JetEngine1);
    I don't really understand what the "__uuidof" stands for and it was giving me an error. But without it, it compiled well... So I used the rest of the code like in the MS Help & Support (of course with my connection string). It compiles well, but it crashes when this part is being called.

    Does somebody know the right method to do this ?

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    have yu checked the code you are trying to use is relevant to your MDB file/
    the artile you cite states it only works for
    • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.1
    • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5
    • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6
    • Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet 4.0
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