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    Unanswered: Organizing this lot....

    Hello everyone.
    I have a question.
    I have attached a chart order form that I would like to put in to a DB..
    Basically each section (Intake, Finances, Releases etc) Will have the following:
    An item
    a yes/no field
    and a details field

    so on the Intake section if the Fact Sheet is completed it will be checked off.
    If not then yes/no would be empty and the details field would be filled.

    Im sure I am making this far more complicated than it is...
    I will keep working on it.

    Now each client can have many chart order forms
    Each chart order form has Many clients.

    Chart Order Form
    □ Fact Sheet
    □ Crisis Plan
    □ Identifying marks sheet
    □ Photocopy of ID
    □ Birth Certificate
    □ Social Security Card
    □ Other ________________________
    □ Intake Inventory
    □ Participant Agreement
    □ Receipt of Family Handbook
    □ Self-preservation test
    □ Consent to be admitted
    □ Confidentiality of records
    □ Client Confidentiality Notice
    □ Placement Agreement
    □ Client Rights and Receipt of client rights
    □ Receipt of grievance policy
    □ Authorization to screen communication
    □ Policy on personal possessions
    □ Travel release
    □ Nicotine and Treatment Policy
    □ TDS Admission Form
    □ Other intake Information
    □ MaineCare and other insurance card copies
    □ Insurance billing authorization
    □ Cost-share policy & agreement
    □ Maine Care benefits statements
    □ APS form
    □ Other financial information
    □ Disclosure Record
    □ Release for medical services
    □ Educational releases
    □ Consents for Release of Information
    □ Locator release
    □ Pass liability release
    □ Other releases


    thanks for any help..

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    so whats the problem you think you have
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    hi Healdem
    Im not sure which table to put the actual 'items' in.
    I just want the questions listed with a checkmark next to them and a field to add additional info if needed.


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    a patient requires idenfying in a table, after all I'm assuming you can have more that one patient, and you can have the same patient more than once
    why you would need a photocopy of their ID, Birth certificate, SSNo is arguable, after you have them once surely thats sufficient

    the intake inventory is presumably related to a specific instance of whan a patient is admitted to the facility. so Id want a table containing details of that admission (presumably date, treatment reccomended etc...)

    fiannces may well not be part of the patient record, after all they may move home and be in a different area or zone and thus the person paying may be different between treatments.. so its probably a function of the individual admission. however there will be information on there.

    The first thing to do in my mind is to look at your problem and identify what you need to do to normalise your data
    are both excellent references that should help you identify what needs to be done

    Ive alwasy foudn it helpful to think of the data elements as who do they belong to, can they be duplicated

    so anything that is unique to a person goes in a persons table, hwoever an person may have more than one address... so that goes into a sub table related to the person. if you KNOW there can only ever be, say, two addresses then arguably they could go in the person table.

    One of thes aim of the process is to reduce duplication. so if say you have a guardian or sponsor, and there is a posisbility that the same guardian or sponsor could act for several people then the guardian/sponsor should be in a separate table, along with their contact details (say phone numbers)

    phone numbers is always a problem in my books... how many phine numbers does a person have, do they have more than one work number, or home number. As its rarely a critical piece of information Ive quite often stored mulitple phine numbers in a text/string column eg
    Home: xxxxx-xxxxxx
    Work: xxxx-xxx-xxxx
    Alt Work: xxxx-xxx-xxxx ext xxxx
    Moby: xxxxx-xxxxxx
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    Excellent links.. thank you.
    The Chart order form is just a sheet that has check marks on it.
    It goes in the front of the clients chart.
    I have to go through the charts periodically and check that everything on the list is present in the clients chart and has been dated/signed/updated etc.
    If items are not present or need correcting I could print the results and email it to whoever needs to fix things.
    I don't need to physically keep the items, I just need to know they are already in the chart..

    Well I'm confused now...
    I bet you are too....


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    so what are your truing to achieve
    a replica of the an existing (paper) document?
    by replicating the paper chart what do you want to achieve
    you still need the paper chart.
    what does bringing into into adb give you

    if "all" you want is to replicate the paper chart then store it as a single entity. ie have a column per box/question on the form

    query that entitity to find what check boxes are empty

    but I don't really see what that gives you over and above the current paper system. mebbe a review that I last saw the checklist n days ago, I asked fred blogs to do soemthign a week ago.. not heard back

    waht is it you are trying to achieve, what do you expect the Access model to give you over and above the current approach, what is the problem you are trying to design out
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    Well, that made me think quite a bit.
    I suppose I want to replicate what is on the chart sheet, But better than paper I need to keep track of who did what and when. And when errors and omissions have been corrected.

    Also be able to email the results to various people.

    Lot to think about there....

    Thank you healdem


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