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    New guy needs help

    I'm a database newbee

    I need some help....

    I'm trying to create a database from about 50 000 html files. I dont want the hole file, but only a part of the actual info in them.

    I need to be able to divide the info found inside the files into 5 or 6 different criterias, so that i can later make a search involving these criterias.

    Please help... or point me in the right direction (so i can post on the right board)

    Thx very much


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    Any idea what database software you'll be using?
    If you tell us that, your question can be moved somewhere more appropriate and may get better targeted responses.

    P.S. Welcome to the forums
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    Ignorance is a B...

    I dont have a program... So i'd like to know wich one i could use, and wich one would be best for what i'm trying to acheive.

    Thx for the help

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