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    Unanswered: Sub Form Not Open


    I am using the following code to enter a value if the inputter doesn't enter a value but when they do the code stops and says the sub form is not open am I missing something??

    Private Sub HIRE_RATE_I_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
    If Me.HIRE_RATE_I.Value <= 0 Then

    Me.HIRE_RATE_I.Value = Me.[HIRE RATE].Value

    End If

    If Me.HIRE_RATE_I.Value > 0 Then
    Me.HIRE_RATE_I.Value = Me.HIRE_RATE_I.Value

    End If
    DoCmd.GoToRecord acActiveDataObject, "qryProduct sub form", acNewRec

    End Sub

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    I assume it's stopping on the "goto new record" line?

    TBH, I am not too sure how to navigate to the new (or any) record in a subform without changing its criteria. Perhaps I should leave this to one of the others...
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