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    Question Unanswered: Delete all data from db to start over

    I need to erase all the data entered into a Access DB that was entered in years ago so I can use the db now with new data. We are using it to track company inventory and projects. The db has many interlinked tables. I want to delete all the data but leave the tables, forms etc in place as a "template" so I can create and use the db with current data.

    Is there an easy way to do this???


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    Ms. Heather,

    Take a look in the code bank, I think there is a db in there that will allow you to delete all the 'test' data that is entered into a db without touching the structure and anything else.

    I have it, I'll try to find it. If I do, I'll zip it and post it here.

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    Unable to find code

    I wasn't able to find the code you mentioned. If you do have it and can send it over that would be great thanks!!!!

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    I'd say it's a matter of opening each table and deleting the unwanted data manually. How many tables are there?
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    Try creating a new mdb and import all the objects but when it comes to tables, select the Options button and then import Definition only (no data.) (Make sure relationships is checked.) Make sure to debug->compile the code after importing.
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