Hello, folks

I'm currently studying the DB2 v7 for z/OS (just repeating the title), and currently kinda confused in REORG-ing. Does anyone know the details of REORG-ing at DB2 v7 for z/OS ? Is it just like REORG-ing at DB2 for LUW ??
The things I got from DB2 for LUW is :
- INPLACE (ONLINE) and SHADOW COPY (OFFLINE) methods are both possible
- INDEX could be REORG-ed together with table
- the REORG result could be sorted by index <- could the one at z/OS do this ?
- MDC tables couldn't be sorted by index
I know that there's v8 and v9, but I'm really need information concerning v7 pretty bad.

I heard that there are different mechanism at z/OS's when using different parameters, but I'm still searching for its details

If anyone has a brink of reference or any information related, I'll be soo grateful...