Newbie here. Please note that I initially posted this in the other forum by mistake.

I have created a table that receives data from a DAP. I want the users to be able search through prior questions before posting new questions. The users need the ability to enter the parameters for the search (The fields include reported by, status, RcvdDate, office, topic, DateRespond, question, response, ). The last two fields are memo fields since the response could be 2 to 3 typed pages long.

I am having two problems:

1. how do I get the user choose the fields they want to search on (use textboxes???) and then input the search criteria for each (should I enter param in new table????).
2. I have tried to do a basic select query with criteria and the memo fields come back blank. I have tried the use the following example file but it has bugs as well http://http://www.rogersaccesslibrar...ryFields2k.zip

Please help