hi can any1 determine root cause for this outage?also the main alert.log file is missing as it got accidentally deleted...
the root cause for last night outage is we ran out of "Swap Space" on RAC DB server..we don't know why Swap space ran out.., this is normal in any I guess some process may have consuming lot of memory where it is not able to accomdate in RAM which got pushed to Swap and we ran out of swap space
14:30:02 1095011 7886219
14:35:03 1025427 6289894
14:40:05 756997 1215861
14:45:05 407701 247746
14:50:06 241872 257368
14:55:06 164346 345509
between 14:35 - 14:40, you will see free swap space went down from 6289894 --to - 1215861 and we had issue at 14.38..
last column is free Swap . ..Not sure whats driving fast swap space fast(Virtual memory pool)..can any help me out for the cause..