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    Question Unanswered: Open embedded OLE HTML file used for user help


    I have a help file for an Access application that is just a HTML file that I have embedded in a table. What I want to have happen is put a "Help" button on the form, and then when the user clicks on it, have it open the HTML file in the default web browser. I cannot figure out how to reference the field in the table that holds the file in a way as to activate it to open up. Right now I have the help button bring up a read-only view of the table it's stored in and the user has to double-click on the record to activate it. I would really like to get rid of this middle step and just have the file open when the forms Help button is clicked.

    One thing that I cannot do is store the help file externally. It needs to be embedded with the MDB because things get shifted around a lot and it's very unlikely that the two would stay together.

    If it's worth noting, it doesn't have to be a HTML file. It could be a Word file, text file, or something like that. I just want it to be a single step for the user to open it.


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    Personally, I'd put the HTML in a .htm document, upload it to the web server and launch a hyperlink to it from the database.

    I guess you could put a htm file inside an OLE object field in a table.

    Not sure how to do it with only native HTML inside a field... I think you'd have to dynamically produce a .htm file using the data in the field and then hyperlink to the dynamically created file.
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