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    Is a database program for me?

    I own a mobile home park with 59 spaces of which 19 mobiles are owned by me. I would like to automate as many of these monthly operations as possible. I currently use the following:
    Quattro Pro spreadsheet (monthly worksheet) for calculating rent and other charges.

    A WordPerfect template rent invoice.

    A WordPerfect template rent receipt.

    A daily tally sheet using WordPerfect 12 tables format to post & calculate daily incomes.

    Typical month:
    Read electric meters and post into the spreadsheet for total charges calculations.
    Create a rent invoice showing these various charges (WordPerfect template).
    When rent comes in -
    Enter rents and other charges amounts (cash and checks received) into a daily tally sheet (WordPerfect template).
    Enter these numbers (cash and checks received) into spreadsheet.
    Generate a rent receipt (WordPerfect template).

    It seems to me I should be able to input current electric meter readings into the spreadsheet for calculations and then have a database program pull these numbers and create an invoice and a rent receipt. This program could track check numbers and cash entered and create a daily activity report.

    Is this pie in the sky? If no Access, Filemaker, Alpha 5 or ???

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    Bud, I am not an expert in database management; however, what you are describing for managing your mobile home park sounds like some property management applications that already exist, such as the program "Park Sidekick," which my company sells. It is the first (and only) software program created exclusively for managing mobile home parks.

    Park Sidekick performs all of the functions which you describe, including a metered utility calculator that automatically posts all charges to each tenant's account. Recurring charges, such as rent, can be set up to appear automatically for each tenant, and the posting of collected rent is a very simple process. Rent receipts, invoices, and statements are included. The program interfaces with Microsoft Word 2003 or higher (not WordPerfect, unfortunately) for editable letter templates with data merge capabilities.

    The program is Microsoft SQL Server based, which is installed along with the Park Sidekick program at no additional cost to you. Your cost to manage 75 units or less would be $525.00 as a one-time fee. I would encourage you to download the free trial of the program from the website:

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the program.

    Wendy Bissonett
    Property Sidekick, Inc.

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    Thanks for the response Wendy. An issue we have is we are semi-retired. That is to say we have managers running our park but my wife still does the accounting so we don't want a program that reveals all the accounting information. I am looking to put together a posting, invoicing and receipting program. Digging around I feel a database program would fill that bill. Also it gives me something to do learning database.
    Again thanks,

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    I'd suggest you take a look in to Access.

    If nothing else you can get excellent help from the Access Topic on this forum - it's probably the most popular topic here!
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