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    Unanswered: Confused on relationship

    I have done a few DBs before but I just can not seem to get the relationship down on this one.

    -ZonesID AutoNumber
    -Zones_Name txt
    -Zones_Comment txt

    -RegionID AutoNumber
    -Region_Name txt
    -Region_Comment txt

    -SectionID AutoNumber
    -Section_Name txt
    -Section_Comment txt

    -AreaID AutoNumber
    -Area_Name txt
    -Area_Comment txt

    This DB will be for a golf resort my son manages, there are 2 courses, 1 club house, 2 maintenance shops, 1 mechanic shop, 2 storage shop
    These will be Zones

    Each course has 18 holes, Pratices putting greens, Pratice chipping greens, flower beds, cart paths, plus more shops will have breakrooms, storage rooms, workbenchs, Storage shops will have aisle,
    These will be Regions

    Each hole will possible have putting greens, fairway, rough (we have 3 different cuts of rough), Tees, approaches plus more, breakrooms have table, chairs, snack machine, Storage rooms have bins, Storage shop aisles have shelves
    These will be Sections

    The Sections will have Areas -- Green cup, flags, trees, ponds, divits, mold, moss, weeds, cart traffic, and other problem areas, shelves will have bins,

    I'm just in the beginning stages so a good foundation is important, so if any one has an idea of the proper relationship I would be very appreciative.

    I thought about linking tables but then thought that would become cumbersome before I got the DB done. I know some linking tables will be nessecary.

    What we are trying to do is track our daily maintenance for the courses. what greens are cut, what fairways are cut, bunkers raked, problems areas dealt with and so on.

    What I thought was going to be a pretty simple DB has grown into a monster before I have so much as gotten a good start on it.

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    Explain in your own words how Zones, Regions, Sections and Areas related to each other.

    EG (and my educated guess):

    Each Zone has several Regions and each Region is only in one zone.
    Each Region has several Section and each Section is only in one Region.
    Each Section has several Areas and each Area is only in one Section.

    Once it's really well defined, you can then get a nice specific answer on how to set up the relationships... which should be done before you go and create anything.

    Also, where is your Maintenance table?
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    There are several tables but the ones that I am confused about are these

    tblZones - My son is director of golf and has 2 course, Maintenance shot, Garage...

    tblRegions - Holes, breakrooms, storage rooms, parts room, parking lot...

    tblSections - Fairway, greens, tee, parking lot rows, storage room rows, bunkers, rough...

    tblAreas - divits, green cups, green flags, tee box markers, parking spots, storage bins,


    I have a tblTask (Maintenance is what is they do on equipment, I know its the same but they have a unique way of identifing task in the Bahamas), these Task are - mow, cut, rake, move, pickup, put out, sow, fertilize, pull...

    There are about 30 plus task that are done daily, there are task done 3 times a week, some done weekly and some monthly. My tlbTask is more discriptive but I shortened it down just so you can get the jist.


    tblEmployees - Employee names, Employee_Number


    tblEquipment - Equipment_name, Equipment_Number


    I will attach what I have later when I get back to my computer.

    Sorry for the delay but I have been away from my computer for a few days.

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    I got to mention that all of my tbls have an ID autonumber field, ZonesID, RegionsID, SectionID...

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