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    Unanswered: device full warning in Restoring the database


    I'm using db2v8.1 on aix.

    when I run the restore script, I'm getting the below error.

    SQL2059W A device full warning was encountered on device "TSCDTABLES".
    Do you want to continue(c), terminate this device only(d), abort the utility(t) ? (c/d/t)

    I tried to increase the container size of each folder and tried to introduce sub folders also. I'm unable to find the device TSCDTABLES.

    I'm unable to restore the database and this warning is getting even with all the options I tried so far. I 've issued the command ulimit -a and below is the output.

    time(seconds) unlimited
    file(blocks) unlimited
    data(kbytes) 245760
    stack(kbytes) 16384
    memory(kbytes) unlimited
    coredump(blocks) unlimited
    nofiles(descriptors) 2000

    I'm refreshing the database with the same script for many times. This is the first time I'm getting this. The database is offshore database and server not enterprise server. Only single user is accessing the file system.

    Any help to restore the database succesfully?

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    this is a tablespace I presume
    ts cd-tables the tablespaces for keeping the cd tables for replication
    probably sms container and filesystem is full where this container is located
    try to check the history for this db and see the tablespaces
    do you have a db2Look of this db
    try redirected restore
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    I had the same exact problem and had to allocate more space to drive with smitty on the file system. Do a:

    df -m and look how much free space you have left. Then, take into account the database size you are restoring.


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