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    Hey experts, i'm having a little trouble with access as i don't understand it really well (hence me hating it)...

    i have a main menu form that has two combo boxes and some buttons on it
    cboMonth and cboYear this will be a report query driving utility

    tblWorkYear years from 2008 till 2012
    tblWorkMonth all months
    tblWorkDays working days of the month

    tblWorkYear 1 -> many tblWorkDays
    tblWorkMonth 1 -> many tblWorkDays

    i made the form so that when it loads it will show the current year and the previous month, because we wont and will not have future information like say today is October it will display September because i'm 100% sure that this month will have information, so i want to do this:

    i want to have a validation based on these two combo boxes lets say i want to do this select October but instead of the current year say 2009, the form should query my tables tblWorkYear and tblWorkMonth and get the dates for these variables and if it doesn't have anything lets say 0 working days a warning would pop up and say "you dont have any dates for this combination" would you like to input them yes/no" and if yes my inputWorkingDays form would pop up...

    here is what i think that i should do:
    query my tables using this criteria (how do i know what these combos have selected, i've been trying to find out that, if they have values, so i can it pass it to a variable or a parameter in a SQL statement so it can be dynamic)
    have a hidden field that would have this concatenation of the fields and do a query that way...

    i'm very good at thinking what i need (at least i think) but the problem is that i don't know how to start it on either way, can someone tell me if there is a better way to do this?? or if i'm in the right track at all or is there something that can be clicked in access to minimize all of this effort which i think there is not (that's just me)

    thanx in advanced for all your help

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    i just thought of something else, based on this date there is another validation type query I'm trying to do the function that based on the selection go back and a calendar year data say you are in October once you hit Run Report button the utility will go back a calendar year starting from September 2008 going all the way to August 2007 so what i would think i need is a staging table that like i stated before based on this selection go back and select and make a range of this field to go back... this is what i would think i would do? or is there an easy way to do a range in access??? thanx again for all your help

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