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    Unanswered: Which can give better performance ? Union or Select

    Good day All,

    i wonder in following sample, which give better performance and why ?

    Selection :
    Select A.column 
     (Select columnB where table_B where condition) AS columnB
    FROM table_A A
    Select A.column, 
    NULL as ColumnB, 
    FROM table_A
    Select null as columnA,
    B.column as ColumnB, 
    FROM table_B B
    In above sample, which actually give a better performance ? and any specific reason ?

    i wish to learn performance tuning, is there any good reference or booko on this topic ? appreciated your guidance in advance

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    neither of them will actually compile.
    nor would either of them return the same results if you did get them to compile.
    and I suspect you probably want to do neither of these.

    I would start by looking at JOIN syntax, as well as the difference between UNION and UNION ALL.

    EDIT - removed the reference to INNER JOINs - now just referring to JOINs in general
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    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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