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    Unanswered: Sending Multiple Emails Using Access Through Outlook

    Hi there

    I'm just trying to set up a database to send a set email to mutliple contacts.

    So far, I seem to always get a warning message from Outlook for each email. Is there any easy way round this?

    I also have a few other questions:

    How can you set the email to go to the "Drafts" file rather than Outbox.

    How can you automatically attach a PDF to every email.

    Many thanks for your help in advance:-)


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    2) You can leave the email open/unsent with either SendObject or Automation

    3) I use this for PDF:

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    Permission Error Message

    I have access sending email through Outlook using the Redemption work around and it works wonderfully BUT when it gets to the .send for the second email of the recordset I get "You do not have appropriate permission to perform this operation". Any ideas?

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