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    Question Unanswered: DB2 Certification exam 731

    I just passed on DB2 Certification Exam 730. Now I am sutdying (I scheduled already the 731 test within 3 weeks) but I got a question for those that already took this exam.

    I was reading the IBM Certification book for this test and I saw pages and pages with DB2 instance and database parameters, even after working so many years with DB2 UDB LUW (from version 6 to 9) I can't memorize all of them neither what they can do. So my question is: This is something that I will tested in detail during 731 test?


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    Honestly, there are not that many!.. I recall there were a few questions about those parameters. The book I guess aims to be also a reference that can be used after you take the exam.
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    n_i is correct, there is not that many questions. The book is just probably trying to cover all of the possibilities of questions that can appear on the test. The thing to remember is that the test is multiple choice and the parameters are fairly self describing.


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