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    Hi all

    I've joined up to pick some brains, hope that's OK, I'm currently maintaining a couple of cheap & cheerful Access databases which just about meet my needs, but I'd like to explore turning them into something more robust. I expect that my corporate IT department will restrict me to either MySQL or SQL Server, either of which I'll be able to get to grips with given time and a good textbook, but my main issue is - what else will I need to have to reproduce the pretty front end (forms and reports) for my database users? What's out there? I could spend weeks surfing and still not have a clue what the best options might be. Any ideas?

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    if youhave an existign Access front End then I'd guess the natural back end is either JET (the default Access storage engine) or MS SQL Server.. there is an upsizing wizard within Access to convert JET to SQL server.

    However as good as the upsizing wizard is it doens't do everything for you, nor does it convert an Access/JET into a true client Server Access/SWL server application
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    if you are approaching this from knowing very little then I would just look to adapt your existing front ends to use your new database server. Get to grips with mySQL or SQL Server then move onto the FE.

    For a straight answer, a Microsoft option is .NET (ASP.NET or windows forms) and SQL Server Reporting Services. Reporting Services and Access are the best reporting environments I've worked with. I have no experience of Crystal Reports but the little I glean is that it is expensive and damn hard to use.
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