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    Unanswered: Back to basics...

    Some of you may remember me from last year.. Well a lot of stuff has happened over the last 12 months.. needless to say, I have forgotten what I learned here. I think..

    I am still working on this database.. But I need to know that I have the foundation correct before I go any further..
    So any hints will be gratefully received.
    I need to figure out which table the incident stuff goes in.
    If it is solely to do with the incident, such as date, people notified etc it goes in tbl:MedicalIncident and all client and Incident based ones into the tbl:ClientMedIncidents?

    Thank you

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    Make life easier down the road... get rid of those spaces, dashes and slashes in your field names.

    ClientAdmitDate and ClientDischargeDate... and others should be in tblMedicalIncident table. Basically imagine when one client has a second incident... since there is one client, there can only be one admit date.... surely that's not right!
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    I would also move "Primary" to tblMedicalIncident - unless you're certain that one client will have one primary for their whole life. Similarly, "Discharge Type" should be folded in with StarTrekker's point.

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