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    Question Unanswered: db2 service stopped

    Hi all,
    I am not able to start db2 service. Plz. Help solve the following error generated in event log while starting db2 service.
    db2start : SQL1220N The database manager shared memory set cannot be allocated.

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    First, please supply your DB2 version and OS. 32bit or 64bit? How much memory on the server? What else is running on the server?

    SQL1220N The database manager shared memory set cannot be


    The database manager could not allocate its shared memory set.
    The cause of this error may be insufficient memory resources
    either for the database manager or the environment in which its
    operation is being attempted. Memory resources that can cause
    this error include:

    o The number of shared memory identifiers allocated in the

    o The size of the shared memory segment

    o The amount of paging or swapping space available in the

    o The amount of physical memory available in the system

    User Response:

    One or more of the following:

    o Validate that sufficient memory resources are available to
    satisfy the database manager's requirements, and those of the
    other programs running on the system.

    o On Linux 32-bit, increase the kernel parameter shmmax to 256
    MB. On Linux 64-bit, increase the kernel parameter shmmax to

    o Reduce database manager's memory requirement for this memory
    set by reducing the database manager configuration
    parameters which affect it. These are: maxagents , maxdari
    and, numdb .

    o Where appropriate, stop other programs using the system.


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