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    Unanswered: Retrieving rows having null values in a decimal field

    Hi friends,

    I am trying to retrieve the rows having null values in a field of data type "decimal".

    by ."...where amt_retl = 0.0" and ."...where amt_retl = '' "

    here amt_retl is the field name of data type decimal.

    Both are not working. Please suggest

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    I are missing the basic concept of SQL NULLs. Grab a good book that explains the relational model. This article is also quite good:
    Knut Stolze
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    where amt_retl IS NULL
    where amt_retl IS NOT NULL

    where amt_retl = '' (two sing tick marks) does work in Oracle as a test for NULL, and in fact if you do this and the column is not nullable you will get an error saying you cannot test for null on a not nullable column. Oracle has pretty much butchered the SQL standard.

    As Knut suggested, testing for 0 is not the same as testing for null.
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    Thanks and its working fine

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