Hi, I just want to say that the field of databases seems fascinating.

I'm currently a second year undergraduate of an MIS program at the University level. I took a course on introductory databases and I'm hooked to say the least.

I've been searching the internet, and the job of a DBA seems enticing. Good pay, excellent opportunities, and a lot of logical skills involved.

The truth is, all I've taken is an introductory programming course using vb.net and I have done some very rudimentary SQL. Searching through the internet, Oracle seems to have caught my eye.

I visited Oracle's website and found out that in order to become an Oracle DBA, you need a certification. There were several certifications listed, and I can only infer that getting the latest one (11g) would be the best route.

My questions are

1) How do I even begin learning a behemoth program like Oracle?
2) What prerequisites are necessary?
3) Are my rudimentary programming and SQL skills enough?

Any comments would be highly appreciated. Thank you!