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    Unanswered: sql server 2000 database

    We have a website hosted on the intranet of our company . Now we have to host on the internet . The database is sql server on the intranet and will still be sql server when it is hosted on the internet . Any suggested ideas how this can be accomplished. I have been asked to use DTS packages . Can any tell me the process of accomplishing this process . Can I use replication at any stage of this process ?
    Responses are appreciated !!!

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    You want to move the database from one SQL Server 2000 instance to another? If so just backup your internal database, ftp it to the hosted server and restore it there.
    Replication is for maintaining two copies of a database simultaneously. DTS is for ETLing data, not moving a database in its entirety.
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    Don't forget to bring over logins, and fix them following the DB restore.
    look at:

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