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    Unanswered: Merge Replication - filter issue


    I just started using the filters for my merge replication and now I'm confronted with a problem:

    for example:

    i'd like to filter the data based on the user that tries to synchronize - I get that - using filters and joins

    BUT how do I filter all the data based on one specific user AND also get the whole user table

    Am I missing something and it is actually quite easy to do this? or is it generally not possible?

    if it's possible to do this I would be pleased if someone can tell me how the join statement looks like or what I have to do, to make it work

    thanks in advance

    ps: I'm using SQL Server 2005 - subscribertype is SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

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    If I am reading your question correctly, you have to be selective with the tables that you are choosing to filter.

    For example, if you have a table tUsers that you want everyone to be able to see every row (for lookup purposes), you would NOT filter this table.

    If you have a table called tSales with a column named EnteredBy (which contains user ids) and you only wanted users to be able to see orders which they had entered, you would filter this table based on the value SUSER_SNAME() (or based on a join).

    Filters are a pain to set up correctly. All I can say is test, test, test and then test again.

    Once they are working, they're great.


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    but my problem is that it's the same table (i like every row AND want to filter some data based on the user)
    there must be a way to achieve this?! i refuse to believe that i have to create another table with the exact same data in it - that would be nonsensical?!?

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