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    Unanswered: Creating DDL files

    thanks for ready and thanks for the suggestions.

    I have been using MySQL for a few years. My current project requires me to use MS SQL. I'm looking for a few pointer web links to learn about the differences in MySQL to SQL. I will also be using PHP so any PHP/SQL links are appreciated.

    My client requires me to give them a DDL file for their SQL Server team to integrate. Is a DDL the same as a .sql file? How can i create a DDL?

    Is there a way to make a SQL DDL have permission for create/edit/remove tables and that's about it?


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    Do you mean differences between MySQL and SQL or MySQL and MS SQL server
    SQL is the ANSI standard, MySQL & SQL server are implementations of SQL.

    DDL (data defintion language) is a subset of SQL, most people when referring to SQL actually mean DML (data manipulation language) both are subsets of SQL itself, or comprise SQL

    both generate valid SQL, except DML is manipulating data in tables (eg select, insert, delete), whereas DDL is manipulating the table structure (eg create, drop, alter)
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    thanks @healdem

    I have been reading up at Im finding good info similar to yours.

    More comments welcome.

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