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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    I have 3 table

    1- Table name : db fileds (dbase_id)PK - (dbase_name)

    2- Table name : students fileds (student_id)PK - (student_name)

    3- Table name : stud_db fileds (student_id) - (dbase_id) all are FK

    I linked db table and students table with stud_db table

    and i want to use Select statment to ensure what i did was right but every time i show all rows

    select student_name , dbase_name from students , db where students.students_id = stud_db.student_id

    please help
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    You're question is a tad confusing, and your SQL is flawed...
    Quote Originally Posted by yasser 2005
    from students , db
    Quote Originally Posted by yasser 2005
    where students.students_id = stud_db.student_id
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