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    Unanswered: DSN to connect to remote informix database

    I am absolutely new to informix and informix dynamic server 11.5 (Just started 3 days ago).

    I have a question on creating a DNS for remote informix dynamic server 11.50 TC2TL.
    This is on Win2003 operating system and the system from which I want to make a connection is also having win2003 OS

    The following are the details of my remote server that has informix dynamic server
    Informix Server: X_Informix_server
    Host: X_Dabba
    Port: 9088
    service: X_svc_custom
    user: administrator
    passowrd: xPassword

    Ultimately I want to be able to connect to a database called x_Informix_db that has a table x_t_Table

    I am able to create a DSN on the local machine (as a test case) but from a remote machine i am not getting the credentials correct.

    When I do that i get the following error

    "Cannot locate X_svc_custom service/tcp service in /etc/services".

    any help is appreciated.

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    Hi Gautham,

    Seems service is missing in service file on windows 2003.

    Open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\services in notepat and compare the one on your local PC.
    If you are running window XP, it will be in same location.

    The one on your local PC should have line like
    X_svc_custom 9088/tcp

    Just copy it and paste to the window 2003 service file, save it and try.

    Good luck.


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