I am running DB2/NT Workgroup Edition 8.2.8

After the initial full offline backup we have scheduled nightly full online backups.

All was well and then we started getting the following message:

"Attention" alert for "db.db_backup_req" for "database" "DB2.AWSSV5 "

ADM10502W Health indicator "Database Backup Required" ("db.db_backup_req") is in state "Manual backup required" on "database" "DB2.AWSSV5

The backup files are saved to disk and then copied to a tape devise. But the backup files are available for 7 days on the server.

The online backups are successful! So why am I required to do a manual backup?

Do I have to make offline backups (to reset whatever is triggering the alert)? Shouldn't I be able to continue with online backups without the offline backup?

Any help would be appreciated.