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    Red face Unanswered: WTA: Error while restore Database (SQL Server)

    thanx before to all master db..i've a problem while i'm trying to restore's appear a error that said "Doen't enough space....RESTORE DATABASE abort normally", u can see at my attachment for further information.

    i've tried to add space by the hand but it's still error.
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    on the wrong server
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    I would guess that you do not have enough space on your disk.
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    Check the size of the log file on the source db, if it is large (as a result of full recovery model and no jobs in place to manage the log), DBCC Shrinkfile the log on the source DB, then either put it in simple recovery mode, or put jobs in place to manage the log.

    Take a new backup, and restore that db with the smaller log file.

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    i've try to change recovery model from full to simple, and after that i've shrink it, and when i'm check the log file size it's become 1 mb. but i still cannot restore database and still error 112.

    My server space :
    1. c:\ free space 6.63GB (NTFS)
    2. d:\ free space 22GB (NTFS)
    3. e:\ free space 70GB (NTFS)

    This my data :
    1.Size database 1947.81MB , space available = 942.92MB
    2.bkp_accounting_data = 985 MB
    3.bkp_accounting_log = 964 MB
    4.Databases automatically growth by percent (10%)

    before i restore a database :
    1.First i change/edit the path data
    D:\SQL\Backup\Accounting ------> D:\DEV\BCK_SQL\200809\Accounting

    database that i want to restore have a 0.97GB size (it's database for september). i've try to restore database with 3,4GB (it's database for July) it' can work fine.

    thanx for help.
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