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    Unanswered: Doing "LIKE" with xquery..?

    Hey guys. I'd like to use xquery to extract some data from an xml column. I need to filter the records on the content of some tags in the same manner as the standard LIKE clause. Basically, how would I tansform the following query...

    PHP Code:
    select unitIDXMLQUERY('for $e in $d/dept/employee return $e/name/text()' 
    passing  d.deptdoc as "d")
    from dept d
    where  unitID LIKE 
    'WW%' and 
    XMLEXISTS('$d/dept[@deptID = "V15"]' passing d.deptdoc as "d"); 
    so that the deptID ends (or starts or contains) with V15? (Example taken from


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    You can use the contains(), starts-with(), and ends-with() XPath functions, I guess.
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