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    Unanswered: DB2 on Windows V9.5 FP2 - db2fmp.exe

    Can anyone explain to me what it means when there are multiple db2fmp.exe processes running???

    We have a small Datamart on UDB and right now there are 18 db2fmp.exe processes running.

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    I think each db2fmp.exe runs one fenced routine at a time. Besides, the fenced routine processors are pooled, so some of them can be idle.

    If it bothers you, I guess you can tweak the keepfenced and fenced_pool parameters...
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    db2fmp processes also run JVMs and they are used for fenced federated wrappers.

    (If a fenced routine is declared as THREADSAFE, DB2 may decide to run multiple of such routines in the same db2fmp.)
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