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    Unanswered: help needed !! criteria

    hey all , so im currently about to start a project on the comparison of web database technologies(thinking of using php mysql as one of the technologies) and am looking for CRITERIA to compare the web technologies.Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    cost, cost of development, cost of maintenance, cost of running, cost of set, total cost of ownership
    timing of phases of project (how quick to market)
    ease of development traded off against quality of development
    lifetime of project
    availability of staff, quality of staff
    vulnerability to attack, degree security, degree of security inbuilt to environment
    the type of application (does it need monsterous servers or does it run on small discrete boxes), is the application going to grow, how flexible is the development, how easily does it scale
    is it a corporate flagship (some people 'know' that Oracle is THE best database and therefore insist their company must run Oracle to demonstrate they are a top notch company. some people disparage the loke of PHP because its seen as not a 'real' / serious app tool.
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    thanks for that

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    Note to DBForums users:

    Thom884 appears to be a student, trying to get us to do their assignment for them. Their requests for assistance include:

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft Access
    MySQL Server
    Oracle Server

    I'm in favor of giving folks help when they need it, but in this case I think they need to use Google or a similar search engine instead of cross-posting to get us to do their homework for them.


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