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    Unanswered: db2 upgradation from 8.2 to 9.5 clarifications

    i've a solaris server with db2 8.2 with 2 instances with each instance one database , i'm planning to upgrade to 9.5 can any body clarify below points.

    #1> is it possible to have a setup with db2 8.2 running in the same box & install & run db2 9.5 in the same box? summay : both 8.2 & 9.5 running parallaly in the same box.?

    #2> if answer is yes , latter to make my sure existing db working fine in 9.5 can i restore the 8.2 database in 9.5 ? (what are the steps ?)

    #3> i've a box with 2 instances both running in 8.2 can i upgrade to only one instance to 9.5 & the 2nd instance latter? or the migration happens to the whole box?

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    I haven't done this but it should be possible. So:
    1. yes.
    a) login with user to access v8.2 instance
    b) "backup database" command
    c) login with user to access v9.5 instance
    d) "restore database" command
    3. If you will have both versions v8.2 and v9.5 then there is no need of "whole system migration" - so you can migrate one database (see backup/restore in step 2) and 2nd letter.
    Hope this helps,

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