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    Unanswered: progress index

    I use progress tool proutil db -C idxfix found that there is index error in my db ( see below ) , I have run proutil db -C idxbuild all to rebuild the index but still can't fix it , could advise how can I fix it ?

    SYSTEM ERROR: Index 624 (PUB.xsod, xsod_): couldn't find key ALPH_A01<>600001 recid 195542848. (8783)

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    I'm not sure how good this trick works out. But you can give it a try.
    1. Backup the DB.
    2. Delete or temporarly move the existing DB to other place.
    3. Create the DB with same attributes.
    4. Restore your backup and try idxfix pr build


    Dump and reload and then try idxbuild

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