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    Unanswered: sql help

    HI all , I'm not too savvy when it comes to sql..can please someone tell me the following

    select col1 from table1 where col2 =?

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    question mark indicates parameter markers.

    When we want to pass value dynamically to a query we use these parameter markers.

    SELECT col1 FROM table1 WHERE col2=?

    means dynamically you can pass value to col2 in WHERE clause.

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    When a statement has parameter markers it means it has been prepared without any specific value to be used in place of the ?, and the SQL is compiled into a package and stored in package cache. Then when the prepared statement is executed, the value is supplied and substituted by DB2. This allows an SQL statement to be compiled (and access plan determined) once, but reused many times without having to recompile each time.
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