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    Red face Unanswered: RESTORE DATABASE by TABLSPACE

    I am using DB2 v9.1 in Windows 64 bits, and I am trying to restore a tablespace from a backup taken in a database (full functioning) and restore it into an empty database also in the same OS and DB2 version.
    So the steps I took were creating an empty database, take a TS backup from one database and restore it into this empty database.
    I am getting the following error messages:
    restore database figrw_qa TABLESPACE (FIG_ADS_TS) from E:\backup\ taken at 2008
    1024100430 into figrw_it logtarget E:\QA_FMD\ newlogpath E:\QA_FMD\NODE0000\ WIT
    H 2 BUFFERS BUFFER 1024 redirect without prompting
    SQL2560N The target database is not identical to the source database for a
    restore from a table space level backup.

    set tablespace containers for 2 using (file 'E:\QA_FMD\NODE0000\FIGRW_QA\data\F
    IG_ADS_TS.ts1' 500000)
    SQL20319N The SET TABLESPACE CONTAINERS command is not allowed on an
    automatic storage table space. SQLSTATE=55061

    restore db figrw_qa continue
    SQL2008N The callerac parameter is not within valid range or the requested
    action is out of sequence.



    I know that in version 8 we couldn't rebuild a whole database from a tablespace level backup, but in version 9 we can.
    So what could be the problem?


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    Try to take another backup. Use this backup for restore. Before restoring check that you have deleted (removed) all those previous entries of the earlier import.
    When i used to get the "SQL2008N The callerac parameter is not within valid range or the requested action is out of sequence." I typically do the above and it gets resolved. I found that, my backup was corrupted and also removed the earlier entries.

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    Hi .. I have also faced this problem.

    Usually this errored is prompted when you are trying to restore with wrong sequence of backup images. You can get the correct sequence by "db2ckrst" utility & then perform restore accordingly.

    Hope this will help you!

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