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    Small Tourist Database

    Hello everyone

    I'm new to the forum, indeed to the database world at an advanced level and hoping some of you seasoned professionals can point me in the right directions.

    I'm trying to put together a database of "features" or "things of interest" of my local area that would be appealing to a visitor - it's going to be the database of a small tourist web site.

    So far I've come up with a schema of two tables, "features" and "feature_type".

    The "features" table includes such things as parks, lakes, rivers, hotels, etc.

    The "feature_type" table includes acronyms for all the features, i.e., "prk", "lk", "htl", etc.

    I am wondering if I should consider splitting my "features" table into multiple tables, i.e., one for "parks", one for "lakes", one for "rivers", etc.

    Is this going a bit too far? What would be recommended in this case?

    Any help or suggestions would be great before I move on with my design and add more supporting tables.

    Many thanks


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    No. Do not split your features into different tables.
    Keep it the way you have it.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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    Keep it the way it is..

    Many thanks for the reply.

    I will accept your wisdom and go with this.

    Many thanks


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