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    Unanswered: Counting records in query and populating new field with total results..

    Hi there, I'm new to MS Access...

    Can anybody please help me with the following issue:-

    I have a Query table and I need to count the instances of records "L1", "L2" and "L3" in the 'Query Table' for each field (70+) and create / display new fields called "Totals_of_L1" , "Totals_of_L1", "Totals_of_L1" (sub totals counts of L1. L2 & L3 per record/row ?

    Click this image ti view screen grab- Click image for larger version. 

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    For example:
    Field_1 __ Field_2 __ Field_3 __ Field_4 __ Field_5____Total_of_L1__ Totall_of_L2__Total_of__L3
    _L1 _________L1 ______L1_____L2_______ L3_____________3___________1___________1____
    _L2 _________L2 ______L3_____L1_______ L3_____________1___________2___________2____
    _L3 _________L3 ______L3_____L2_______ L3_____________0___________1___________4____

    ...and so on for each row etc...

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    Total_of_L1:iif(field_1="L1",1,0)+iif(field_2="L1" ,1,0)...

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    ▲ Agreed, but what is L1 and L2 etc supposed to mean?

    I suspect a table design flaw tbh...
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