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    Question Library Management System

    Hello eveyone,

    I am new to DBforums and I just read few of the threads the helped me alot in understanding what the database should look like ?
    You people are doing great work here.

    I need help as I am working on a Library Management System and I am not able to find a way that can let a
    1) How a student can request for a book,journal or magazine
    2) How a librarian is going to issues the book to a student or a teacher
    3) How that can keep the account of that transaction between the member of the library and the librarian .

    The structure that I was able to come up so far is as following:

    Book { Book_id,Section_id,isbn,title,author,Edition}
    Magazine { mag_id,section_id,title,volume,year,month}
    Journals { Jou_id,section_id,title,volume,year,month}

    Section_info {Section_id,address_id,Section_name}

    Library_info { library_id,address_id,member_id}

    address {address_id,block,steet,state,country,zipcode}

    menber {member_id, member_type }

    Info {info_id,fname,lname,gender,ph_no,emil,DOB,member_id}

    1. There is one to many realtionship beteen the section_info to book,journal and magazine.
    2. There is a one to one raltionship between the library ,address,info,member tables.

    1. block in the address table can be a house number for a student(or any other memeber) or it can be a building number for a section.
    2. memeber type can be staff or student or teacher. (as they have different type of access to the main database

    So far the database is capable of only storing the info abt various books,journals and magazines and can give information
    about the various members and the different sections of the library
    As this library contains different sections that are locarted in different buildings
    The underlined are the primary keys for the various tables.

    Please guide me whether I am proceeding in the right direction or there is something wrong in this structure.
    Also guide me how I'll be able to include the entities that can help me to request,issue and tracks the books .

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    You really need to talk to whoever has asked you to do this. They understand their library, and there are many features in most libraries that a simple system either misses completely or forces the patrons and staff to wedge into the structure(s) that the code permits.

    Your specifications read very sterile, much like an introductory database class might provide. You really need to work more with your librarian(s) to understand their needs and the special conditions that might exist in their library or libarary system. Look at the present system that they are using whether that is manual or another database system. Pay special attention to the problems that they are having with their current system, those are the areas that need the most work.



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    thanks for your suggestion

    Sir I am just a begginer in the database and I am trying to develop a system to enhance my skills
    so as far as user requirements are concerned I can assume simple or complex requirements that can be there .
    plz help me

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