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    I have two tables from which i need to call upon records:

    In my "PurchaseOrders" table i would like to be able to display the "po_number" field along with the "qty" field.

    In a second table, "rollouts" that is joined to the "PurchseOrders" table by "po_number"

    I would like to be able to show the COUNT of records grouped by "po_number" so that essentially i can generate a report comparing the number of times a "po_number" shows up in the "rollouts" table to the numerical value in the "qty" field of the "PurchseOrders" table


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    and what have you tried so far?
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    On the Rollouts table that matches the Purchase orders query, you should be able to run a count (sigma button that looks like an E) on the po_number. Just bring the po_number down twice and run the count on the second one. This will show you how many times the po_number in the Rollouts appeared in the PurchaseOrders. If you want to compare the count to the qty, just bring in your count query and your PurchaseOrder table together in a query and join the po_number.

    I am not sure if this is what you are looking for. If not, please give some more details.
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