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    Unanswered: supressing output using dbaccess

    Hi All,

    I use dbaccess utility to connect to informix from shell scripts.

    dbaccess $DB_NAME $SQL_FILE >$TMP_FILE 2>>$LOG_FILE

    The log file contains messages like this
    Database selected.

    2 row(s) unloaded.

    Database closed.

    I want to supress these messages..

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Direct way of suppressing the "processing messages" does not seems to be available in unix shell script. Few steps needs to carried out for the purpose.

    Step 1:
    Create a file that contains the possible processing messages.
    $ cat processmsg
    Database Selected.
    row(s) unloaded.
    row unloaded.
    Database Closed.
    $ _

    Step 2:
    Execute your shell script
    $ dbaccess $DB_NAME $SQL_FILE >$TMP_FILE 2>>$LOG_FILE

    The actual result will be stored in $TMP_FILE.
    The error message and the processing messages will be stored in the $LOG_file.

    Step 3:
    $ egrep -v processmsg $LOG_FILE > $LOG_FILE

    Above step implies that the line with process messages are not displayed using -v option of egrep and is again redirected without append to the same file name $LOG_FILE which means that $LOG_FILE now holds only error messages.

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