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    Unanswered: db2 questions


    1.I have db2 V9 installed in a DPF environment for OLAP application .i am trying to install db2 query patroller V9 on top of db2 V9.1.4a but it throws an error saying lower down your db2 image . i need help regarding this as i cant find out which version of qp should i install and also i cannot uninstall db2 server.

    2.I am trying to configure TSM for db2 backups . and i have done everything written in the book " DB2 backup using TSM " downloaded from ibm redbooks domain but it keeps giving me an error (SQL2033N with reason code 106).i did searched on the internet but couldnt found any thing substantial.since i have a DPF environment i am not sure is there something extra needs to be done with the configuration or configuration remains the same in DPF environment.

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    Saurabh Nr.

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    For configuring TSM for db2 backups, try recycling the instance if that helps.

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    Download the QP product from V91fp4a from the ftp site and try to install on DPF enviornment. Before installing stop the dpf instances and try to install. It should work.

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