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    Unanswered: Writing data into text file in ms access

    Dear All,

    Im working on small project that needs me to write data from the table into a text file and save as csv(comma seperated).

    I honestly dont know how to go about it.

    Will greatly appreciate any assistance.


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    marshall your data (work out what the query required is)

    then OPEN a file for OUTPUT, work out if you are going to create a new file (consider how you make the filename unique, work out the location)
    write data to the file: using, columns, from, the, table, separated, by, commas
    close the file

    build in some error trapping in case the file already exists or you run out of space

    alternatively itf its a table dump then consider and export
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    This is a real simple way

    but you can use a macro (it's best do it in vb code if you can).

    Select Transfer Text
    Transfer Type: Export Delimted
    Table Name: The name of your query or table that you are exporting
    File Name: The file path you want to write to. Make sure to end with the csv extension
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    ▲ Agreed... kinda. I hate macros though, so I'd do it with a DoCmd.TransferText command.
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