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    Unanswered: Getting strange message when open task manager


    I am getting the below message error when opening task manager and can any body suggest any will help in resolving issues.

    DBA117N A database connection to Tools Catalog Database " TOOLSDB" cannot be made.SQLCODE "08001" 1CM00001N An SQL error ocuured while connecting to the database. Database = "TOOLS0" , Catalog ="SYSTOOLS". [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1013N Te database alias name or database name "TOOLS0" could not be found SQLSTATE=42705

    Can you let me know what may be wrong if any....

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    The error message says
    If the database name appears in the system database directory and the
    entry type is INDIRECT, ensure that the database exists in the specified
    local database directory. If the entry type is REMOTE, then ensure that
    the database exists and is cataloged on the database directories of the
    server node.

    Since the directory entry type for toolsdb is REMOTE, Check if the remote DB exists and is cataloged.


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