Hi. I'm getting in over my head with my office's mailing lists and have to find a better way to organize things.
Here's the sitch:
I maintain excel spreadsheets containing names and addresses for about 10 different people in one office.
Right now, I make additions, deletions and corrections for about 6 of the 10 lists and keeping files in sync is becoming increasingly difficult as we add more names.

I really don't know what kind of software I need.

I need to be able to access all the information and ideally, each person in the office could access and make changes to their database. I need to be able to check new additions (individual and larger lists) to anyone's database against the rest to make sure there are no duplicates. I need to be able to export to excel in order to perform monthly mail merges. Finally, I'm really intelligent and computer savvy but I've been playing with Access and Filemaker Server and smoke is coming out of my ears, so something user-friendly with a gentle learning curve would be nice.

There is a caveat: we are a mortgage branch under the umbrella of a large national bank and security is TIGHT. Meaning, our network does not allow for much of anything in the way of sharing or networking files.

Please help