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    Question Need a tool to sync msSQL and Interbase

    Hi ...
    I have come into a company that has 'over the yrs' purchased applications that use different DB's (mainly msSQL and Interbase)
    Our back office system runs on Interbase (Borland Product)
    and all other applications run on msSQL.
    Problem is ... these different applications really need to sync with each other to share database information.
    Is there a sync tool out there that can do what I am asking for ??
    I know that I have walked into a nightmare, but if I could get these different databases to sync with each other, I could save hrs of extra work that could be spent doing more useful stuff ...


    Paul (Toronto, Canada)

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    If the version of Interbase you are using supports ODBC, this could be fairly simple. Diferent Interbase versions have varying degrees of ODBC support, which makes it almost impossible to craft a "one size fits all" step-by-step solution for this kind of problem.

    The simplest answer would be to create a "one way" feed from the Interbase data to MS-SQL. This could be arranged using either a Linked Server or a pretty simple DTS or SSIS package.

    Two way communication (where both the Interbase and the MS-SQL sides could update data) is more complicated. This probably would require someone familiar with your setup to craft a good working solution.


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